The word Lento is often referred to as "slow" as the term derives from music in the historical sense. This is a misnomer in the semantical context. However, the word "Lento" is now associated with a career - a professional, usually someone associated with creative writing and editing skills usually focusing on copy, text or the visual arts - a journalist, a writer, script writer, a public relations, marketing person or web designer, some one who utilises creative thoughts in her/his mind and "slowly" formulates a process towards an outcome. Once that thinking process is complete, the "Lento" quickly applies the process to produce an outstanding piece of work/outcome/text. Further, a "Lento" knows her/his creative value and is exceptionally competitive with her/his peers. Use of the word is in place in Northern Ireland, UK, and USA.
The public relations specialist was a "Lento" in the development of a new campaign.

The journalistic "Lento" evolved from years of hard work in investigating crime.

Never underestimate a "Lento" - their stamina and creative thought will outshine others.

A "Lento" creation in the 1970's for the Nixon - McGovern Presidential Campaign - "Nix on McGovern."
by Marlin Linz December 2, 2010
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To find loop holes everywhere as in scamming the system
I've pulled a Lento on that state regulation or my lentoism is stronger then yours
by ddos October 24, 2011
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Getting obviously blind ass drunk, waking up in ditches, falling off decks and an occasional black eye
We went to the bar for some drinks and got lentoed.
by Carebear444 September 23, 2019
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A dirty lento is when someone is when a woman on her period collects all the blood in a container then forcefully makes a man cum into it and puts it into a needle and injects it into the man's cock .
Me:Oh man did you here what kerrie did to Colin last night

Friend: didn't she do the dirty lento on him?
by Ruben is a goon April 22, 2020
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Go very slow
When Jared was pounding that ass, Becky moaned and said, "You are hurting me, muy, muy lento, my love"
by asskickerBitchAssNigga November 29, 2021
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Using sited internet sources to pilfer Paul’s players in ffball, in exchange for favors(mostly sexual in nature). Sources most often are from ESPN more specifically ESPN+.
Skinny Benson got Lentoed again, I wish I had two rosters too.
by 502 Champion October 21, 2019
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