Benson is an amazing guy, one of the sweetest you'll ever meet. He is quiet though, until u get him alone and he becomes the funniest and cutest guy ever. He gives the BEST hugs!! If you hug him you may instantly fall in love with him! He loves swimming and will try to make that one girl happy. He is also very shy and even a little insecure at times, but if you meet him you will be one of the luckiest people on earth.
Your dating Benson?
Yeah he gives the best hugs in the world!
by ljksdnfkibfw October 23, 2019
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The urban slang term for a penis commonly used by Callum’s corner and his group of amazing, racist and homophobic fans.
Callum’s corner licks dog’s bensons for a packet of quavers.
by 69pooman March 3, 2021
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A character in Regular Show. He's the boss of the park and is usually very angry.
Benson yelled at Mordecai and Rigby.
by superworddude May 17, 2014
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the act of being sexy
or irrasistable to the oppisite sex
You are so benson,
you are looking so benson today,
Im benson to all the girls
by jbenson August 3, 2006
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A very, VERY small duck light that Tubbo (a well-known Minecraft streamer on Twitch) hosts on his stream
Dang, I wish that we could see Benson right now...
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The world's BIGGEST HARDASS. No other person even comes close. A benson can look at bear, and have it digested in 15 seconds. BADASS.

The only condoms Chuck Norris trusts not to break is a BENSON CONDOM.

Enjoys strip clubs and boobs.
That guy is such a stud.

Whats his name again?


by Joe12312321 March 15, 2011
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Dayummmm Benson be so fineeeeeeeeeeee.
by He Be So Fine. December 6, 2010
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