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the sexiest individual ever who everyone desires
she is far too modest to the point she thinks she isn't good enough but in actual fact she is amazing
kind, generous and beautiful
i wish i had a kerrie
by jackobot20 July 25, 2008
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Kerrie is the most sexiest/fittest lass in the world, can pull any lad she wants, normally good at dancing, good at most things especially sex, she's a nice and caring person with a deep heart, she dosen't like too hurt her loved ones, she's a party animal, and she loves her drink
Definition of kerrie.
by joshridge10 February 25, 2012
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Kerrie is the nicest person you’ll ever meet . She’s so sweet , kind and also very smart! She’s the bestest friend anyone could ask for !
I’d love Kerrie to be my best friend !
by Db! December 17, 2018
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kerrie is glitches lover and wife etc. shes taken etc. irc couple to be found on
kerrie ily!
by glitchofanondox July 04, 2009
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Kerrie is the most beautiful and amazing girl you will ever meet she is perfect and will do anything for anyone of her friends she is always there for someone no matter what she will love you with all your heart and care for you no Matter what she is also very funny and smart but she thinks she not but she is if you have a kerrie keep hold of her or your gonna regret your further with out her and treat her like a princess
Wow your with kerrie

Yeah she the best she’s perfect

Wow your so lucky

I know right
by Nick.gur October 21, 2019
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