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Fucked by a fat chick; frumped by a fatty or plumper. Being made into a plumper pumper against one's better judgment or even involuntarily. Getting fat bitched.
It was hog night and we went to each find a big fat fatty. We all said "hog hard or hog home" and told each other "happy hogging". John had second thoughts, but got drunk and ended up with a buffet slayer. He claimed that he had been fat bitched only because he got so drunk but we knew that he had not been plumped involuntarily. We knew that he enjoyed it and we told him that he was a hogger and a hippo farmer and a chunk fucker who enjoyed his tubby little war pig.
by PMax August 12, 2008
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Someone who is starting to get fat. They were average weight, but now getting bigger.
Man ever since her man left her, Maria has been getting plumped!
by BK2 September 17, 2006
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The act of getting completely owned or "plumped."
"Yo get plumped."

"You just got plumped."

When you play the board game Candyland and get the plumpy card, you just got plumped.
by pau8l1999 January 22, 2010
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Plumped is the state of being of when you are feeling empty inside, and void, yet also feeling full an immobile.
Chris: Hey Leon! You want to come over, and partake in my family BBQ?

Leon: I'm sorry Chris, but I'm all "plumped" out right now. I'll have to pass this time.

Chris: But come on! My sister came back from abroad, and she wanted me to inform you that she is currently ovulating. Please come and continue the Redfield bloodline.

Leon: I'm sorry Chris, but I'm all Plumped and Shlumped.
*Hangs up telephone*
by VirginLoser69 June 23, 2020
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