A name that means "sea" in Hawaiian and "narrow" or "slender" in Celtic. Can be used as a girl's or boy's name. Ignore those irrelevant dick-riding definitions.
by altrocado March 14, 2019
Kye is the hero of the year, if you have a tech problem well "tech schorer" will come to the rescue. He use to be a senior officer in the navy and his comrades worshiped him now he's enjoying a life of retirement, girls and plane watcher.com. When eye grows up he will end up being tom hanks in cast away but pitifully he won't be found. Kye is never hungry and never will be because he is fuelled on grainwaves. If kye wasn't restricted he will conquer the world
Tejas: Hey who's that above me
Corey: That's just kye in his emirates
Tejas: Man Kye is so cool I envy him
by Daniel5tookenham February 19, 2021
Kye is an amazing and contagious friend who can sometimes be awkward. He can often want attention as he is proud of his intelligence and skills in art. Kye knows when to prioritise things so he would be an excellent boyfriend or husband. Nothing is more important to Kye than to support his friends-he would do anything for them even if it would compromise him in any way. Loyalty is important for a Kye
Kye is an amazing and loyal friend
by CarlMangerson November 10, 2019
Kyes are some of the most handsome guys ever. They dye their hair a lot, and are over all adorable. No matter who you are, you want a Kye in your life. Once you start liking him, it's hard to stop, and it's hard to not like him. He will give you butterflies every time you see him, no matter how prepared you are for it. Kyes have beautiful blue eyes and usually don't know their own beauty. You will have the strongest crush of your life on a Kyr, and it will last a surprising amount of time. You'll always want to kiss him softly, hold his hand, hug him, and play with his hair, even though you know you can't. You will like him before you really even become friends, so be prepared. Consistent daydreams about him are also frequent. While with a kye, your heart will break because she isn't yours while you have butterflies because you're near him. You can't ask a kye for a hug, you have to wait for a kye to ask you. Kye won't want you to pay for things or give them your jackets, but do it anyway. Kyes deserve it all and more
Have you seen Kye?? Hes so hot
by Taehyung Baby July 4, 2020
A really good looking guy who is super slick with the ladies and great in bed.
"Omg did you see that guy? He's a total Kye!"
by kiittycat September 12, 2012
A guy that started short but was a late to a growth spurt but has a grate personality also really sweet guy all in all
"Did you see that kye dude he is really cool and nice"
by Dik March 15, 2017
A very depressed child with suicidal thoughts who always rages when he dies in fortnite
Oh no it’s kye
Why do you have to be such a kye
by Je me suis baguette June 22, 2020