When a girl is on top and she rubs her vag up and down your dick while its pinned against your stomach.
This girl gave me the slip n slide for so long my dick is raw.
by throbson October 6, 2006
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When she's fucking you on top with a soaking wet pussy and you're on bottom sweating like crazy, she literally slides up and down your body and cock.
It's hands down amazing sex When you're both doing the slip n' slide.
by MakeEmSmile May 16, 2012
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Fucking a hot, wet pussy too big for your dick.
Man, I had me a slip "n" slide last night. I shoulda tried using my foot!
by Pompatus of Love September 5, 2016
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Yet another term for the female's defining anatomical feature. Best if used while intoxicated, and never directly to said female.
"Man would I like to play on her slip n' slide."
by Cleveland Danny December 27, 2007
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When a woman become excessively wet from digital (finger) sex your hand becomes lubricated and slips past her vagina upon attempted re-entry.
i went to slide my hand down her pants; it was like a fucking slip n' slide!
by wrist deep July 11, 2008
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Hooking up with someone for one night of sex with no strings attached, Male or Female. Possibly seconds, but thats totally up to the person.

As described in the song Slip"n" Slide By the Hip-Hop Group FlowCity.
Girl: So what type of music do you like?
Boy: Enough with the small talk girl im tryin to Slip "N" Slide.
by Akumie July 11, 2009
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the Slip n' Slide, is when you cover your bed in a plastic tarp, piss and shit all over it,and then have sex on it rolling all around in the slippery piss and shit.
When I was was five, my uncle gave me a slip n' slide, and I said this is not the same kind of slip n' slide my friends have, that's the last time I ever saw my uncle.
by muddy melanie July 25, 2006
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