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He was born and raised to rule
No one has ever been this cool
In a thousand years of aristocracy
An enigma and a mystery
In Meso American History
The quintessence of perfection that is he
He's the sovereign lord of the nation
He's the hippest dude in creation
He's a hep cat in the emperor's new clothes
Years of such selective breeding
Generations have been leading
To this miracle of life that we all know
Look at that guy in that pool on that hill. He is such a Kuzco!
by KuzcoStalker4leifxoxoxoxo August 29, 2009
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Kyle: "This blanket isn't soft enough, i need my pink blanket!"
Rachel: "You're such a Kuzco!"

Kyle: "I can't walk to menchies when its snowing"
Rachel: "You're such a Kuzco!"
by reallaughreallife December 10, 2013
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