Amélie is the bestest friend you could ever imagine. She is always smiling and happy but sometimes she gives away all her happy she hasn't got any for herself. She always has the most ideas which are crazy but amazing at the same time. Everyone should appreciate her as she is bc she is beautiful.
Amélie is my bestest friend ever!!!!
by milo394 November 13, 2018
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An amazing self consence person with an amazing heart and a wild creative mind she will get you through anything and everything thing the rough and the soft she will warm your heart the day you meet her but one thing is she loves people unconditionally which is wonderful but in my case it's kind of bad she had liked me for over a year but you know what she is an amazing person and nothing can stop her from being one
by Trietauanemsi April 2, 2017
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A particularly hot girl. She is know as a perfect girl, you get attracted by the looks but you stay for her sweetness; above all she's a nice girl who would never let het friends down, always listens and help those who ask for it. She's also is a little touchy, short tempered and she a puts to much trust in people who don't deserve it. the betreyal of het trust makes her sad and fragile.Once you know her wel you never want to let her go.
Her smile is as bright as the sun, see must be an Amélie
by RASUN April 4, 2011
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Amélie's are usually a name for a girl with courage, bravery and beauty. An Amélie will always be open to having new friends, and going on new adventures. Normally, Amélie's will have brown hair and blue eyes. As mysterious as Amélie's can be, once you get to know them, you won't have regretted becoming their friend. Amélie's will normally want to keep away from the "popular group" and all other drama as it doesn't matter to them. And wether they know it or not, there are a lot of looks that come their way, but not in the bad way, but good. They'll always find a way to get you to laugh or to smile. That is, if they can trust you. They won't go easy on the ones they don't trust. And sometimes, they might seem like they're "perfect" and all, but really, all they need is someone to have a shoulder to cry on. Everyone misjudges Amélie's as they are so mysterious that she seems like something else at first sight. So if you know an Amélie, give her a helping hand and never lose her. That goes for a relationship too. She doesn't really have too much confidence in her looks sometimes, so remind her. Because if you ever get an Amélie as a friend, you'll never want to lose her...
Guy 1: "Wow, she looks really brave and confident! She must be an Amélie!"
by Amy_2245 January 28, 2020
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Amélie is a caring, sweet, kind and lovely girl. She can always be trusted and once you meet her you will find an amazing friend! She works hard but is always up for a laugh. Amélie is a little diamond!
Amélie was excited to get her dog.
by #watermelon June 14, 2019
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The best girlfriend one could dream of... !
Amélie G.
by Topsy November 19, 2012
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1. An amazing girl, usually considered as perfect. She’s really smart and a BIG Harry Potter fan. She always talks about KJ APA and can sometimes be really annoying. She’s clingy, but in a good way. Really pretty and will not fail in making you laugh until you cry. Really weird and great at pulling funny faces. Intelligent, wonderful, she’s full of adventures. Also what’s know as the class clown! She’s loyal and will always back you up. Not the best at comebacks but amazing at jokes. Always getting roasted and has a really sensitive soul. If you talk behind her back, you’ll never get forgiven until a very. Long. Time.

2. A common French name for girls. (Pronounced ah-me-lee) Example in a sentence: Madame Amélie was a very high class French woman.
by KJ APA LOVER #1 May 22, 2019
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