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Amélie is the bestest friend you could ever imagine. She is always smiling and happy but sometimes she gives away all her happy she hasn't got any for herself. She always has the most ideas which are crazy but amazing at the same time. Everyone should appreciate her as she is bc she is beautiful.
Amélie is my bestest friend ever!!!!
by milo394 November 13, 2018
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A beautiful amazing girl. She is always nice and kind. Gets annoyed easily but still the best. Her smile and laugh are literally goals. She is sweet and has the best roasts. She is so pretty and boys drool over her. She is an amazing friend and she is always honest, loyal, and supportive. Go be her friend.
Girl #1: I love Amelie. She is so nice I love her
Boy #1: Dang Amelie is hot! I wish she was my girlfriend. I wanna kiss her so bad
by hockeyslayer3 February 01, 2017
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A particularly hot girl. She is know as a perfect girl, you get attracted by the looks but you stay for her sweetness; above all she's a nice girl who would never let het friends down, always listens and help those who ask for it. She's also is a little touchy, short tempered and she a puts to much trust in people who don't deserve it. the betreyal of het trust makes her sad and fragile.Once you know her wel you never want to let her go.
Her smile is as bright as the sun, see must be an Amélie
by RASUN April 04, 2011
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Literally the greatest person ever. Amelies are amazing caring friends who will always protect you. Amelies are the best girlfriend a person can have, never let one go ;)
Guy 1:"Dude I really like Amelie, should I ask her out?"
Guy 2: "Fuck off man, that angel's mine!"
by Some fucking dude April 27, 2018
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A gorgeous girl who’s sometimes insecure, you can’t keep up with her she’s always running around getting things done. If you happen to slow her down or catch up to her you’re the luckiest person in the world my friend. She’s as gentle as a rain drop and as sweet as honey. She does have a temper if you push her too far, so be as gentle as she is to you. With her bubbly, bright, goofy personality you’ll never be sad around her, but if you need a shoulder to cry on she’s always around without a doubt. Treat her like you’re most precious and prized possessions, because when she’s gone you’ll realize she really was.
She’s so adorable, she must be an Amelie!

I’m in awe of Amelie, how can she be so perfect?
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Most beautiful girl in the world, no doubt about it, perfect in every way, friendly and impossible to hate. You can't help but stare at her all day and look at those eyes, she's perfect in every way.
'Damn I wish I could have me some Amelie!'
by Allllluhhhalluuhh May 27, 2016
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