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The cool girls of the internet.
The board many attempt to mimic and aspire to be.
The pinnacle of internet success.
Ex.: JavaJane tries so hard to be Sybermoms, yet their attempt is sadly idiAtic.

PansyAndy would love to be a Sybermom.
by Myself April 16, 2004
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a lovely girl who enjoys hurting herself
by Myself August 13, 2003
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A dumbass channel aimed at suburban rich white protestant bush-supporting children. Only suburban and rich kids that are spoiled can ever get on air unless they give free trips for the "poor" children and then shows the poor children on the tv to humilate them.
Rocko's Modern Life was the shiz, as well as all of their other shows which showed alot of ooze and other sick stuff featuring a good variety of people. Now only white people are show on it unless it's some black person that is known to be "hip" and "ghetto" like.
by Myself November 29, 2004
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n00b13 = n00bie = noobie = newbie
part of the l33t sp34k
j00 1s 4 n00b13
by Myself June 10, 2004
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to be rude or cruel to somebody. synonyms:mean, jerkish, bitchy, bastardish, uncool, not cool
To say "your mamma's so fat, she has enough rolls to start a bakery" is harsh. For other terms, go consult another word because I seriously don't care.
by Myself March 25, 2005
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