When a farmer tosses off a male cow and gets the jizz and injects it into a female cow.
Guy: Hey babe lets do some selective breeding.
Girl: What...?
Guy: You can be my farmer and i'll be the cow.
Girl: Ooh okay...
by tagme246 February 28, 2008
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The act of a person when killing various females and ripping them limb my limb to select the best attributes. From each female to ensure the most amount of pleasure in sexual intercourse. By creating a Frankenstein monster of dead corpses. It is completed when the guy proceeds to fuck the monstrosity till he is satisfied.
Wow I can't believe someone was arrested in our town for ultimate selective breeding
by The egg bandit November 24, 2021
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The process a bloke undertakes when he leaves a woman at the alter in favour of a lady more likely to give him beautiful children.
Eric: Did you here about Johns Experiment?

Stuart: Yeah he left Jenny on their wedding day for Ashley with the perfect bum to boob ratio, right?

Eric: True! How's that for Selective Breeding!
by Spacemariles June 7, 2013
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