Drop-dead gorgeous. My god!

The name of an irresistible blonde babe so divinely attractive Aphrodite herself must have sculpted him out of pure fucking gold, charm and sex-appeal.
I can't take my eyes off of you Kurt... Can I please just touch you?
by xoncm February 02, 2010
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He can seem overcritical at first, but you have to look past that. Kurt is an amazing guy with a big heart. He can be forgetful sometimes, but he remembers things about you that might seem insignificant, like your favorite snack.

Kurt is a musician in every sense of the word. The man sings and plays saxophone. How much cooler can you get?

A Kurt is the type of guy that looks really good in suits and just always looks good in general.

Kurt is very tall, making it easy for his short girlfriend to hug him and bury her face in his chest. This man gives amazing hugs.

Above all else, you won't find a more honest guy out there. Sometimes the truth hurts, but he is always happy and positive about it even in the presence of negative people.

If you find a Kurt, never let him go.
Person: Woah that guy is so cool!!! He's really tall and handsome too omg

Me: Oh yeah. He's definitely a Kurt!
by TPLolly October 15, 2019
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The sexiest man on the entire planet who own the world's largest penis. A Kurt is a porn star that usually gets paid $300,000 a year because his giant penis is in such high demand

Kurt's usually make Ron Jeremy's penis look like a tiny centipede
" Wow did you see the adult film Kurt was in? He's penis was off screen!"

kim kardashian " Kurt teared me a new ass hole last night!"
by yomoma245678 May 14, 2011
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The common name for porn legend Kang Hurter Kurt Rammer (stage name). Known for his unrelenting charm, charisma and stamina which made most female stars sign exclusivity agreements with his production company; most contracts contained clauses that stated the female performer would only perform with Kurt and/or other females.
by Jackinthebox_admin February 04, 2010
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Kurt is a strong leader, all rounded meaning he is good in sports, academic and culture. He always gets the lead roles and his always in high positions. He has light blonde hair and blue eyes but is unfortunately color-blind but nobody kiddies him for that. He is very well liked and this who don't like him are jealous. He is in love with one girl and is not interested in any other, sorry ladies.
Girl 1: oh my word I need to tell you a secret... I like Kurt
Girl 2: Kurt as in the head prefect?

Girl 1: yeah...:(
Girl 2: he is quite charming isn't he but he isn't interested in sorry to say he's in love with that girl
Girl 1: oh yeah 😭
by Giathegrinch August 15, 2017
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Kurting is the act of cumming and farting simultaneously. Can be used as Kurt/Kurted/Kurting also can be spelled Curt/Curted/Curting.
by Kurt's Best Friend January 30, 2011
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