A "Kurt" likes to think he can do what he wants, when he wants, when in reality, he's quite an asshole. When his significant other inquires about his female bestfriend, she is immidiately insulted, usually including but not limited to name calling, such as "you jealous whore, stay out of my business". A "Kurt" also dislikes ditzy girls, although he encourages silly behavior, sending out very mixed signals. It is strongly advised to never become associated with a "Kurt", because he will eventually screw you over. He is very experienced, so don't try to get close to him. It's all just a game, to him.
Brittany: Wow, look at him! He's cute.

Amanda: Yeah, but I hear he's a real Kurt. Better stay away.

Brittany: Oh, I guess you're right. I don't want to get involved with a guy like that.
by ashlynnn June 26, 2009
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Noun, used to describe other men who wish they were gay, but are not.
Well, would you look at that Kurt over there, he's just asking to be analy pounded.
by Angelo Collins July 14, 2006
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1-Another word for pubic hair.
2-Is a popular porn star name, both for men and women.
"guys shouldnt shave kurt"

"Kurt is a ho"
by lola smith April 25, 2007
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a lying cheater who fucks little girls. See pedophile
"oh my god, did you go look up pedophile?!"
"yeah, it said go see kurt"
"yeah, he'll give you a good time, he's into cheating on people"
"wow, that's such a kurt"
by shaniqua joshon January 07, 2008
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