Kurt is a finely crafted individual with many tremendous qualities. Perhaps the most noticeable of these qualities is Kurt's moral code, which he cannot deny. Acutely aware of his own ephemeral nature, and bound by his ethics, Kurt attempts to optimize every moment he can in making the world a better place.
Donor A: Yah know, donating blood sure does make me feel good about myself.

Donor B: I know, but we're no Kurts!

both laugh

Donor A: Yeah, gotta love Kurt!
by Mr. Microphone June 18, 2009
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Usually gets hurt but smiles the most.
"Kurt loves her that's why he gave up on her, for she'll not get hurt"
by yni~ February 16, 2018
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Cool, nice guy. Tied to the great Kurt Cobain, and is extremely respectable.
You a really are a Kurt.
by Fonethical April 11, 2004
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Hot, sexy, amazing lover.
I am so lucky to have a Kurt. He always satisfies.
by Shadrap December 20, 2016
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Kurt is funny, forgetful, slightly odd, thoughtful, moreish and kissable with the most mesmerizing eyes you'll ever see. He enjoys being sneaky and getting stuck to things. You'll think about him when you first wake up, all day and he will be the last thing you think of when you go to sleep. He has stolen the meaning to all songs, even completely irrelevant ones. He makes you feel happy and you will miss him as soon as your not with him.
I met kurt recently - changed my life
by stickybits December 13, 2018
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Kurt is a fine-looking guy, with a great personality... once you get to know him. Not exactly the nicest, or the meanest, he can tease his friends real mean sometimes. Has a huge heart, cares for alot of people, has multiple love issues and DON'T EVER underestimate his basketball skills because he will destroy with his amazing shooting skill. Usually says "I never try". Believe him he's telling the truth, unless u ran into a slightly different kurt. He is not exactly a person to stay on track, but once he's been taught a lesson, he can do great things. His basketball skills are very similar to Jimmy Butler. Kurt has very high standards to live up to but may not be able to reach them

Handles: B
Shooting(All Around): A
Passing: B+
Dunking: A++
Defence: B
Rebounding: B-
Posting: C+
(Beats Kurt in 1v1)

Kid: U suck

Kurt: I wasn't trying

Kid: Sure u were

(Kurt Gives the kid death stare)

Kid: Ur so bad at basketball, that even my grandma can shoot better than you

Kurt: Rematch, Again!!

(Kid gets destroyed)


Kurt: I Have my ways
by kstrece February 16, 2017
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