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Verb: To Kronwall someone is to hit someone in hockey so hard that you injure them or take them out using the backside of your body to transfer more force to the person you're Kronwalling.
(When you're teammate Kronwalls someone) "Holy crap dude! He just got Kronwalled!"

(When you're chirping a player) "Hey bud, you best watch your mouth or I will Kronwall you."
by Boob man August 31, 2012
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to be pummeled beyond compare, to be run over, to run over, to hit with force enough to cause a concussion or KO
Havlet got Kronwalled in the game last night

This ap exam is going to kronwall me.
by Bigguy6969 May 24, 2009
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Verb meaning to spectacularly bring down an opponent, particularly during a sporting event, with the skillful use of one's sheer body mass in the style of NHL defenseman Niklas Kronwall.
Dude, check out the replay....this guy was KRONWALLED!
by eilonwy February 02, 2010
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