To leave her (after sex ) breathless and shaking, all in disarray but with a secret smile upon her face.
"You have been truly ravaged, my dear" he said with a wink as he straightened his tie to head back to work.
by Sepia April 11, 2016
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To grope someone's body in a vicious, wild, and kinky manner.
The boy moaned out as the girl ravaged him at random.
by Lain September 1, 2003
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when you sexual destroy your partner in bed.
Davey Joe - I ravaged that mule of a woman last night.
by Steve Metzger February 16, 2006
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(v.) to destroy, lay waste, ruin; (n.) ruinous damage, destruction
Swarms of locusts ravaged the farmer's fields and orchards.

No one can escape the ravages of time.
by Barry Dragon January 13, 2003
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a transformer, the black cassette that changed into a jaguar. Stored in Soundwave's tape deck chest. Not to be confused with the matrix, which was stored in the chest of some autobots.
ravage jumped out of soundwave's chest
by eatsdoodoo May 5, 2004
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1) to destroy a toilet bowl with the full fury of one's bowels
damn dude, don't go in there for at least 20 minutes, i just ravaged.
by housian June 22, 2007
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To viciously sex someone in the anus.
Percy ravaged the poor man all night.
by orf October 28, 2002
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