Killing, annihilating, destroying.
Raze your hands in victory!
by DasHeaven August 31, 2003
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Adj. Incredibly cool, tight, sweet. Also: Razing, razed
"Dude we're gonna spend the summer in Cabo!"
"Raze, man."

"Hey, there's a razing party going on. Get over here!"
by urbanslang5 June 10, 2006
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To cut someone as if with an old-school shaving razor.
If you touch my shit again, I'm going to fucking raze you.
by Absoludacris06 December 12, 2006
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an agent on the counter strike rip off "valorant" who can fly with an rpg and is often compared to the terminator.
raze is broken xd
by lmaoxdyourmom February 17, 2021
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(adj.)(slang) stoned, incapacitated, wasted, or beyond consciousness; also, destroyed, obliterated, devastated.
Dude1: "LOL. Did you see that shit?! Dood only took one hit off the bowl and now he's razed"

Dude2: "BWA HAHA! Fuckin' lightweight"

Dude3: "Huh-?
by razed October 17, 2007
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