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one chill dude. Whenever i see him i'm always ready to high-five, because Niklas is one cool guy. Smart, funny, witty, his voice is deep cause his dick is so big. he's probably better than you in every way, just too polite to show it. If you see a Niklas, a high-five is mandatory because he's super awesome.
by Anonymoustruthguy May 25, 2009
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A very laid back, honest and sweet person. Cool and funny without trying. Is a bad cook but always eating.
Very passionate about music and know practically every lyrics to every song there is.

They will make you laugh a lot and if you are important to them they will do anything to see you smile. Not very good with words but shows affection with small gestures.
I saw Niklas yesterday. He is such a nice guy.
by Matthewismatthew March 08, 2019
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tbh a really fun guy. a delight to talk to, and he never fails to make you smile.
You’re a really good friend, Niklas.”
by sodium-chloride June 19, 2019
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Niklas: "mom can i get a uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh burger"
mom: "sure Niklas here you go"
Niklas: "thanks mom"
by i will... smith *kills myself* September 08, 2017
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A fuck ass. Worst person you'll probably ever meat. He ruins the fun for all. Fuck him basically.
Person 1: Oh shit it's a Niklas...
Person 2: Hide! Hide! Before all the jokes are ruined
Person 1: God he's such a fuck ass.
by TheWordyBirdy November 04, 2015
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