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A shortened version of Krav Maga, a highly specialized fighting technique used mainly by military (especially Israeli) and LE.

This is not an "art", it is straight up just how to kill someone as fast as possible
Hey, watch out for Abraham man, he's quiet, but that Jew knows Krav.
by IDF -Sgan Aluf Amzi- May 04, 2009
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Verb - to kick someone in the genitals. This is based on the widely held perception the that first attack in Krav Manga is a groin attack.

It's also believed to be the second and third attack. Few people require a fourth attack of this type.
Kristi kraved the old lady who annoyed her.

Brand was expelled for kraving his entire third grade class.

Aaron got kraved so hard he threw up his spleen.
by Leo 504 December 01, 2009
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stupid fucking russian prick who likes shoving anal beads up his ass and then suckin my dick.
God, you're such a krav.
by Esseff December 15, 2003
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