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A panacea pushed by social workers and governmental agencies onto people Darwin consigned a dead end destination to in evolution.
Reginald, fresh from the empowerment seminar, gave two weeks notice at the Whattaburger and bought a one way Greyhound bus ticket to New York where he was going to, by God, run for the Senate.
by harry flashman July 25, 2003
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"Someone (usually a feminist middleclass white woman who wasted her education in worthless nonsense) having the power to eat their cake and keep it too."
Feminist: "Do you know woman only make 77cents to a mans dollar? We need to end the glass ceiling for female Empowerment".

Someone who isn't retarded: "Actually, I think you'll find that number is just an average of all men and all women, not taking into account factors such as job type, hours worked, taking time off to have children, percentage of men and women who negotiate they salary, etc. When all those factors are accounted for, you find women actually make a little more than men for the exact same work, it's just those women are few and far between. If you want women to earn as much money as men on average, then you either need get men to stop working as hard to turn the gears of society, or you need to get women to take paid work as seriously as men do."

Feminist: "Misogynist."
by VeryBigboobies May 13, 2016
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