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'Krav Chick' refers to all the girls, women and ladies who practice the Israelian self-defense system Krav Maga.

Being a 'Krav Chick' is not about affiliation, organisation or politics, it's about female empowerment, strength, beauty and independence.

For men it is, obviously, impossible to be known as a 'Krav Chick'.
Joe: Hey, did you hear she practices Krav Maga?
Gavin: Yeah, she's a real Krav Chick!

Ed: So, how is Krav Maga training?
Earl: Lame, way too many guys! We only have two Krav Chicks. :(
Ed: Ah, too bad.
by kravlady June 14, 2011

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In the majority of cases, the first exclamation given when a practitioner of the Israelian self-defense system Krav Maga first mentions the name of their martial art to an interested party.
Joe: What kind of sport do you do?
Gavin: I do Krav Maga
Joe: Krav Ma-wha???
Gavin: -sigh- Krav MaGA.
Joe: Huh. What's that?
by kravlady June 15, 2011

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