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An amazing and absolutely gorgeous and brilliant person. Her mind is filled with clear and knowledgeable thoughts, and her heart is so loving, as if all the wounds were stiched together with luxurious, golden thread. Her lips speak but only the truth, and her voice is of that of an angel's. You shall picture swans dancing across water in the moonlight when u hear her delicate, loving voice. She is a true goddess. The only flaw of hers is that she keeps all secrets buried within her soul. If u look deep enough into her eyes, you shall see all the depression and wounds that have been made in her past. Even if she always seems happy and positive on the outside, there is always something bothering her on the inside. But Korinne is a worthy attractive soul filled with wisdom, creativity, humbleness, love, beauty, and hope.
Korinne is an angel, graceful from head to toe.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? Why Korinne of course!
by K6 November 18, 2013
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She is the most beautiful in a crowd.She also has the biggest heart you'll ever know.She is stubborn and very sensative.Also extremely intelegent.She is full of passion in a way like no other.If her passion gets in,you won't ever get over her.Once you have been in her presence you will always have her close to your heart.
This one is filled with curves.An hourglass bod that is perfection in every way.Very flirty.She has a sucking fetish that will leave you craving her sensual touch on every inch!This Godess is definitley a keeper.You won't want to let her go.
Korinne swept me off my feet.
I had a Korinne and I am longing for another taste.
That Korinne likes it ruff!
by Sweet To Taste February 03, 2010
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The most beautiful girl in the world. If you meet one don’t let them go, as they are beautiful singers and their smile will light up the whole world. Korinne you make my day whenever I receive a message from you. Korinne you are wonderful I am glad I met you, I hope we are together through thick and thin ILY❀️.
That girl is so fine she must be a Korinne
by Divalover June 03, 2018
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KORE is the "root word" and Korinne is the French version of this ancient Greek name.

1: Cora is used mostly in English and French. Language of origin is Old Greek. Derived from the element 'kore' with the meanings maiden and virgin.

Kore is better known to us through mythology as her evolved self Persephone, Queen of the Underworld.
The Kore / Persephone Mythology is archetypal. At the core of Kore is the maiden who transforms from darkness (ignorance) to light (gnosis/wisdom).

The story of Kore / Persephone comes to us from ancient Greece. Some people have regarded this tale as nothing more than a clever device to explain the changing of the seasons. The Kore / Persephone mythology inspired the Eleusinian Mystery rites, which began about 1600 B.C. lasting nearly two thousand years.
"The woman in the corner is named Korinne."
"Korinne is a difficult path to tread."
by Occult Priestess February 02, 2010
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Girl with a goth booty. She is usually Japanese with a hint of Slav. Acts Jewish but isn’t. She WILL eat all your fucking carrots.

She can turn anything into a sexual joke.
Hey Korinne! Did you hear about that building that burned down!?

Korinne: yeah, I found it pretty hot
by Donut Whore October 13, 2019
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