True to her name, many people believe she is the reincarnation of a goddess. She is beauty, she is grace, but she will kick you in the face. She is a very sweet girl and everyone instantly loves her. She has the nature spirit at heart and loves all animals. Her personality is as beautiful as she is and it shines through, tending to light up everyone's day. When she is sad, however, she tries to hide it because the last thing a Kore would want is to hurt those around her.
Person A: "Wow, that girl is enchanting."
Person B: "She must be a Kore."
Person A: "What a goddess."
by Carrotie Carrot May 29, 2020
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Talks a lot, stubborn, good heart ♥️, sweet to women talks to girls with a charm, never gives up on ppl he loves a lot, never fake to ppl.
Kore. Why u talk so much with yo loud deep vioce. The sweetest guy ever😊
by Yclouy March 05, 2019
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Kore is a soldier in the GDI

She is the daughter of saltire and lady olive
The queens berry and Victoria are her friends

Kore also has a tiktok called kore_theblackrabbit
She is also a cosplayer
by October 21, 2020
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A very pretty brown eyed girl that loves to sing, act, and watch Disney movies. she can be random at times, but she tries not to get too crazy! She is very shy but that's what makes her so intriguing. She doesn't realize how beautiful she is and she thinks she is not good enough because guys don't come talk to her, but they are really too scared to talk to such a goddess! She is also extremely smart and she loves to play video games!
Wow I can't believe that girl is smart, beautiful, and great at video games. She is the whole package and her name is Koree!
by Ameliamay March 30, 2013
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An abbreviation for Kind, Open, Respectful & Encouraging
Why can't we all just be more KORE.
by a_collection_of_cells June 09, 2020
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1. To berate over work performance.
2. To be destroyed utterly.
1. My boss will probably koree me before the week is out.
2. Would someone koree that fuckup already?
by MrYuk September 18, 2006
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KoRE = 1337
by asdf August 20, 2003
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