1. The body shape that most guys find ideal for a female. A girl with an hourglass shape will have a small waist and wider hips (aka curves), making her body look kind of like an hourglass.

(There's no way you can make yourself hourglass-shaped if you aren't already.)


2. A funny-shaped container that lets sand trickle through it, used to tell time.
I wish I had the body of a model...if only I was hourglass-shaped!

Some board games use miniature hourglasses as timers.
by Brittany Elle April 1, 2008
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the most trustworthy tool of comprehending time and space that was originated in china and brought about by the jeremy with the help of the Indonesians
Jeremy: according to my hourglass there is a couple minutes left
by evan_felix July 2, 2012
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The only shape on a female that seems to be liked by men.
If you are not an hourglass (or 8), you're considered ugly.
by a pear-shaped girl January 29, 2005
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a glass structure through which sand falls over a certain period of time, can be used to time eggs cooking
would you like the hourglass fetched?
by SPARKY! August 23, 2010
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wen a gurl has dat sexy shape. she is big at da top (titties) da stomach is flat and cury and dat hips and booty is big at da bottom.
damn dat guh body shaped like an hourglass
by SeXXi KaY KaY April 12, 2005
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What a software program does to the mouse cursor when you first start it.
"Man, that program hourglassed so long, I thought it was never going to start!"
by derfy- July 21, 2005
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n. An extreme form of the drinking game Beirut. The set up calls for the entire back row of the pyramid of cups to fill up the width of the playing table and continuing until it reaches the middle of the table.
Man, we were playing beirut last night and decided to up the ante to hourglass. I totally blacked out. Good thing someone took pictures.
by Mediocre Man December 12, 2009
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