Kobra is the more supreme human on the face of the earth. He is flawless. He is always right.

He's the kind of man you don't want to cross paths with.
by Kobra January 4, 2005
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A Member of an group who is known to strike without warning.
That foo hit them niggas' Kobra style.
by Coty-Syko November 14, 2003
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That weird boy on EMS (Evil Monster Sightings) who tries to hit on twelve year old girls.
Yesterday, that homo pulled a Kobra on little Annie.
by roflmfao October 15, 2005
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Used for penis in Turkish. Creatively inspired from the snake species.
Kafami bozma, salarim kobrayi! (Do not piss me off or else I am going to release my kobra).
by Fenasi November 13, 2006
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A ghost-snake that haunts peoples dreams.
In the Simpsons, Homer had a nightmare while in Barts classroom. Bart classified this as a "Night Terror. During this "Night Terror", Home screamed "AHHHHH KOBRAS!"
by OmNiLaSh May 31, 2004
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noun: one who participates in acts of gaiety.
Dude look at those kobras lickin eachother down there.
by jjas23 April 8, 2008
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One of the killjoys used by the band My Chemical Romance. Mikey Way plays this character in the album danger Days: the true Lives Of The fabulous Killjoys.
Kobra Kid is awesome
by victoria purple October 21, 2011
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