Bassist for band My Chemical Romance, and brother of vocalist, Gerard Way. From what I've gathered of fans, Mikey Way seems to be some sort of icon for nerds with asthma, despite the fact he doesn't even have asthma.
'I don't actually have asthma, but I'll be happy to sign your inhalers.' - Mikey Way
by Gingus September 19, 2010
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Mikey Way is the best bass player eva.
He is hot.
He like unicorns.
He does not have asthma.
He is brothers with equally hot Gerard Way.
Lady Gaga: You cannot see my ppppppoker face"

Me: Pffff! Mikey Way is better than you at poker faces wench
by Dr. Death Defying May 23, 2015
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Bassist for My Chemical Romance who ran off with Sparkles the Unicorn and is now wanted for a million of dollars worth of hair curlers, cause not everyone is Ray Toro. Sometimes called Moikay.
Person 1: Shit, where is Sparkles???

Person 2: Mikey Way ran off with him... AGAIN
by LilyPlagueSkold March 19, 2011
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Bassist of My Chemical Romance. Previously a cute little nerd, now pure sex on legs.
Mikey Way DOES NOT have asthma. He had an inhaler in the video for 'I'm Not Okay(I Promise)' but is not actually asthmatic.
Tends to stay within one square metre of his original position on stage, he didn't once, he fell and gave new meaning to the lyric "way down" which was being sung at the time.
Overshadowed by his brother Gerard. They're both sexy.
Mikey apparently loves unicorns, sticks forks in toasters and takes heaters into the shower.
Married to Alicia Simmons (Alicia Way?) they have matching tattoos on their forearms.
Mikey Way is lanky in awkward in the cutest possible way.
Fangirl:OMGZZ Gerahd Way izz soow much hawter dan his bruvva. mikey way izz ugaly + he has azzma

Me:Gerard and Mikey are of equal sexyness. he does not have fucking asthma.
by Frerarrrd June 24, 2009
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The incredibly talented bassist from My Chemical Romance. He has ridicuosly fast fingers, hence his unreal playing skills. He has a very lovely red bass guitar, as well as a lovely brother, Gerard Way .
Mikey Way is freakin' awesome, man!
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What is My Chemical Romance without Mikey Way? The younger brother of Gerard. Sure he is a nerd, but a hot one. So sweet as to give up college for his bro in order to play bass in MCR. I thank him.
Three cheers for Mikey Way!
by Tammy April 29, 2005
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Michael James Way, aka, Mikey Way. Bass guitarist for my chemical romance. born September 10, 1980, from Newark New Jersey. He is 5'10, very skinny, and nerdy. He is married to Alicia Simmons way. He now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and cats. He is known for being the bassist in my chemical romance and being Gerard Way's younger brother.
Mikey Way is the cutest nerd to ever play bass.
by Alexzandria June 21, 2007
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