Its an arabic word that means beautiful.
Its a common unisex baby name, I really encourage you to use it.
Arab: You should name your baby Khara after yourself.
American: Awwww, you said I'm beautiful.
Arab: yeah, sure.
by Flashbackmarry February 13, 2020
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An Arabic word that means Beautiful (you can only use this word for an Arab person though)
Person: Wow your so khara

Arab: Aw thank you so much
by -MermyWazHere- April 26, 2020
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Khara is an Arabic word that means shit But we Arabs use it way too much
Gosh, You're such a khara! I can't believe you embarrassed me like that!
by Zarbeh April 26, 2019
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“Wow she’s a piece of khara.” “Oh no! I just stepped in khara!”
by dayyuummdaniel July 12, 2018
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Arabic origin word

Something or someone who is behaving rudely, contrary to what it’s supposed to do.
‘The « khara » isn’t working.’

‘Where is the « khara »? Call him quick, we are late for dinner.’
by NoDictionaryNeeded September 4, 2018
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an arabic word to call your friend trash
Person: my friend is Khara
by Khara Besson September 16, 2019
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It means shit or poop in Arabic. Arabs mostly use it when they call people or to describe them.
You are a khara. (You are a piece of shit) (Inta khara)
Eat khara (eat shit) (kol khara)
Hey khara (hey you) (ya khara)
by Mischievous T December 31, 2020
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