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Kol Khara is an Arabic slang swear word meaning : Eat Shit.
My friend offended me, so I told him, "Kol Khara."
by Bookaholic14-J March 10, 2016
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A game in which you put a brown blanket over someone's body, turn them around and make them dizzy. They try to catch you while you hide. It is referred to as Khara Man, because Khara in arabic means shit and the person looks like a piece of shit.
Do you want to play Khara Man?
by mberry2 February 11, 2009
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BENGALI SLANG:the word stands for errect(khara) pennis(bantu)
Also one with high sexual apetite
Mota,tui dindin bantu khara hoe jachchis.
by a.bandyo March 20, 2006
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"Ya Khara" is an Arabic word having and old middle eastern roots that started in the streets of Palestine.

It is an expression of love that can be used instead of saying directly I love you. because you can used it when you are sad, mad or happy. but for the expression "I love you", you can only use it to express love in a happy moment.
Ya khara why did u do this ? ( which is asking your loved ones in an angry or sad tune about something bad they did)I haven't seen you since a long time "Ya Khara" ( this one is in a nice calm overwhelming tune )
by Hassan Izz March 14, 2018
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kol khara is an Arabic phrase translated to eat shit

You can say it when someone is talking too much
by someonefunnydddd March 31, 2020
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It's a mix of Arabic and English between The and "Khara" which means shit in English. The expression is used by Arabians to refer to their Exes: boy friend or husand. it's usually used by females. They write it with 5 instead of KH as this's the Arabanised latino writing alphabet.
He is the 5ra / khara that i used to date!

Have you seen my 5ra / khara lately? he started dating a new boo!
by J.fucken.Y April 13, 2020
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