kol khara is an Arabic phrase translated to eat shit

You can say it when someone is talking too much
by someonefunnydddd March 31, 2020
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a big-boned arabic girl; a tall arabic girl, mostly from iraq
1. Fatima is such a khara girl.
by inchebee February 24, 2010
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Arabic for yey I‘m so happy
You can use it if your cousins turn 18 or when you have an A in your exam
-You‘re turning 18!!! Wow akalna khara
- Yooo we both have an A on our tests akalna khara!!!!
by jvrv April 1, 2020
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1. a fat young short iraqi man
2. a chubby short iraqi man that crie about everything
hssain is such a khara boy
by inchebee February 24, 2010
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An expression of disgust of something or frustration from someone
. All of this time and you haven't finished the task? Eh el khara da!!
. Eh el khara da? That food is disgusting
by Omar. M. Brown April 15, 2020
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An Arabic word that means "You are Beautiful"

Ente: You(masculine)
Khara: Beautiful

Very amazing on dates, for example.
Date: I love you
You: Ente Khara
Date: aww thank you
by cyanjsab July 26, 2023
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