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Shahata is an Arabic word and it means na3al but extra, Nonetheless na3al means slipper, And shahata is the ultimate weapon for moms to abuse their children, not gonna lie, seriously
Kid: I'm no way doing my homework!

Mother: Huh? Really? *grabs her shahata*
by Zarbeh April 6, 2018
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Khara is an Arabic word that means shit But we Arabs use it way too much
Gosh, You're such a khara! I can't believe you embarrassed me like that!
by Zarbeh April 26, 2019
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V4 flower is a vocaloid and she's so damn cute like omg yessssss I can't eveN-
Gay fangirl1: heya what ya listening to?

Gay fangirl2: appetite of a people pleaser by V4 flower its vocaloid!

Gay fangirl1: woah so good...
by Zarbeh February 12, 2018
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