The meaning of the word Khara black
Khara-Khorum, might be one of the following words: khara-khu'rem (black stone), khara khorin (black wall), khara-kerem (black castle), khara-korum (black shivers of the ruins of Uigur's KaraKorum, VIII CE), khorin ger (twenty gers, according to old Mongolian custom, was a center of the city), kho'l khorin (a place is not allowed to speak) and et cetera.
by Eleanor February 14, 2004
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it means amazing in arabic we use it often very nice word
omg she’s so khara or not that tastes khara
by real definitions226 May 4, 2020
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" OMG what a khara!" "Khara on you." " That piece of khara" "You wanna eat some khara, you khara face."
by Penya September 12, 2006
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Arabic origin,

something beautiful, pleasing to the eye
example: dude did you see her? she's so khara..
by saitanxx January 3, 2021
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when you spam calls and messages on people at 2-4am

and if ur ugly
indian girl khared on me last night , so i blocked her .

ill keep kharaing on my dad untill he wakes up
by zezusa013 March 2, 2019
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someone:OMG!HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW GIRL?shes a khara,so pretty.
by yuhhhhhgetintoittt December 16, 2020
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