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The most stupid person ever, she says that she has anxiety and she flinched whenever zayn does anything but her anxiety seems to vanish when it comes to parties or when a gun is being held up on her head. I do no reccomend you read Lucifer wears leather on wattpad smh she triggers me.
Do you know blair?
by Mischievous T June 14, 2020
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It means "if god wants to" or "if god is willing to let the thing happen"
It is mostly used by Arab parents as a form of saying no.
"Hey mom, can I.."
by Mischievous T December 31, 2020
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It means shit or poop in Arabic. Arabs mostly use it when they call people or to describe them.
You are a khara. (You are a piece of shit) (Inta khara)
Eat khara (eat shit) (kol khara)
Hey khara (hey you) (ya khara)
by Mischievous T December 31, 2020
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