A medieval form of torture.

In its modern incarnation, the keyboarding victim is placed within earshot of a piano student doing finger exercises and practicing musical scales.

Keyboarding always outperforms more modern, physical forms of torture such as water-boarding. Spies trained to withstand physical torture always crack under the strain of keyboarding.
“AAAAAH!! That kid next door keeps practicing musical scales!

I can’t take it anymore.
We’ve got to move someplace where there are no pianos!! AAAaaaaah!

That realtor said she could make us sell. Hurry… get her on the phone while I keep my ears covered!
Yes. Yes. We’ll sell now. Yes… you can have a 20% commission! Aaaaaah! Make it stop! Whatever you want… just stop the keyboarding.


by pianocheater April 13, 2014
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Using a keyboard to arrange letters and symbols in an attempt to keep the mind alert and the muscles toned. The keyboard is mostly used for this purpose by members of the older generation.
When Flons was young and he still had control over his bodily functions, he was a dynamic skateboarder. In his twilight years, he finds keyboarding a suitable substitute.
by Blayne September 23, 2005
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striking your head over keyboard, when you read something stupid
What an awful grammar, I'm just keyboarding...
by ukoyoki July 17, 2016
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When in sex the male "types on the females nipples"
Jen:OMG Josh out of nowhere started Keyboarding me
by Duffley58 November 16, 2015
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