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The worst Highschool class ever conceived by man.
I'll be in the best mood ever, but then I have keyboarding and I leave miserable.
by Kazkid8 March 23, 2007

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The feeling a person experiences when coming across a large sale at their favorite store. Similar to the euphoria one feels after good sex.
Susie has been having a salegasim all week due to all the clearance sales at the mall.
by Kazkid8 February 08, 2009

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When you flick off a friend in a joking manner. Sometimes taken the wrong way.
Steve's mad at me because I gave him the friendly finger joking to him about the game.


Friend 1: *friendly finger*
Observer: DUDE! He just flicked you off!
Friend 2: No it's cool man, it was just a friendly finger.
Observer: oh..
by kazkid8 May 22, 2009

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