Theory that by six or less degrees of separation, every actor is connected to Kevin Bacon, possibly making him the center of the universe. A cult trivia game among movie fans, players choose one actor and create links by naming movies in which they worked with someone, who in turn is related to someone else, and so on, until the final person is directly connected to Kevin Bacon. Created by Craig Fass, Brian Turtle and Mike Ginelli and made famous in 1994 when Jon Stewart invited them to play on his show.
Kevin Costner is one link: Both were in JFK. Julia Louis-Dreyfus of TV's Seinfeld takes all six degrees of Kevin Bacon: She was in Christmas Vacation with Randy Quaid, who was in Major League II with Tom Berenger, who was in Shattered with Greta Scacchi, who was in Presumed Innocent with Harrison Ford, who was in Raiders of the Lost Ark with Karen Allen, who was in Animal House with Kevin Bacon.
by Coell September 7, 2005
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A new cheeseburger from Carls Jr. that, when eaten or injected into the veins after blending, will transform you into a deranged, invisible murder.
Kevin Bacon Western Cheeseburgers are great to eat before skinny dipping if you are dissatisfied with your figure.
by iateallofthecereal December 7, 2010
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slapping a girls ass with bacon while having doggy style sex
one time i gave her a kevin bacon special award
by mutterbuttersutter November 13, 2010
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When you confuse one actor for another by face or name.

A universal name used to replace any other actors name when you can't remember who played a part.
-Kevin Spacey Bacon is my favorite American actor.

-I can't remember who played opposite Natalie Portman, some Kevin Spacey Bacon.
by wordcoin June 10, 2011
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"I'm not here to talk about Kevin Bacon Hollywood A-Lister, I'm here to talk about Kevin Bacon centre of the universe..." *turns off device*
by tyxie April 13, 2015
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