The deed in which you send all of your friends named Kevin, bacon in the mail. Pre-cooked bacon is recommended.
Ian: Hey Bubba, why did you send me bacon in the mail?

Bubba: I need more friends named Kevin.
Ian: That didn’t explain anything...
by Eject Rejects! May 15, 2020
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Kevin Bacon... There isnt really much one can say about him... Except he is fucking awesome... And I look forward to light saber fighting his FOOTLOOSING ASS sometime soon! So "best friend" Ryan, this one is for you!! Nikki Sara
Kevin Bacon, lets go to the zoo and watch the monkeys jerk off!
by Nikkita Spanxxx June 22, 2005
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don juan
hey what's up, mon?
he's not jamaican

...ok, WHO wrote that last definition? the one that's by "i love ewan also".
by we are so totally footloose January 3, 2005
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When you attend a social event as the distant acquaintance (through multiple degrees and links) of the host or guest of honor.

John is at the party because he is
best friend's with Gary,
who is dating Sasha,
who is Michelle's older sister,
who is working for Jerome,
who is throwing the party.
John: So I went to Gary's girlfriend Sasha's, sister's boss's party last night and it was awkward as hell.
Jack: Oh so you were just Kevin Baconning it.
John: Yeah, I guess.

by Jackson Wu. November 15, 2008
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a man of many wonders and sillyness.
Because Kevin Bacon is the most wonderful actor of all-time, his Footloose performance was life-changing.
by alina is freaking amazing October 1, 2007
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Doing a girl doggy style while she's making you breakfast.
I had toast and tea while making Kevin's Bacon
by Anonymous October 25, 2003
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