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(adjective) referring to a man who is acting crazy, paranoid and possibly violent; crazy, insane, psycho, postal, Evi Quaid
He thought she cheated on him, and then he went all Randy Quaid on her.
by sere450 December 23, 2010
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One of the greatest actors in film history. Does an awesome dance after lighting a fire in Christmas Vacation 2.
Me: "What do you want to watch while we drink?"
Ben: (nervous) "I don't know"
... A brief moment of silence
Me and Ben look at each other and together yell: "Randy Quaid!"
Ben puts a Randy Quaid Movie on.
Me: "Drink for Quaid"
Ben the pussy doesn't drink...
Me: (angrily) "WTF drink!"
by Rado2OOO November 19, 2008
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