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The Odd and End Jobs you do to make quick cash for food and livin'
Just picked up a big load of scrap metal- that's a lotta cheeseburgers baby!
by FarOutWords November 16, 2010
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An American-style entree consisting of a patty of grilled, fried, or seared ground beef topped by a slice of cheese, wrapped with two halves of a bun. Common cheeses include American, Cheddar, and Pepper Jack. Buns are generally of the White, Potatoe, or Sesame variety.
Two cheeseburgers and a large coke, your total is two thirty-four. Please pull to the second window.
by Maradine December 29, 2003
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Delicious food made from cheese and cow. Great for picnics or just a normal meal.
Holy shit Marty sure can eat a fucking cheeseburger. Wow. I mean, that shit is whack, yo. That motherfucker can eat! Look out Hamburglar, Marty will eat your bitch ass too.
by Jo mama 23 February 07, 2009
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Guys who think highly of themselves and try to act "cool" by hipster standards or local popular standards, when in actuality they are very lame, pretentious, and/or whack.
The guy, Chris, who buys weed from James Franco in Pineapple Express while Seth Rogen is waiting inside the apartment.

James Franco: What's up, Chris?
Chris: Yo. Hey, son.
James: Hey
Chris: How you doin', buddy?
James: Alright, holmes. Good. Who's this?
(shady percocet question)
James: Chris, you told him I was gonna sell percoset? What the fuck, man?
(tries to pound fists with JF - JF fakes him out)
James: Yeah, nice. Peace out holmes.

Chris is a cheese burger.
by cookylady September 30, 2011
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Another word for Acid/Lsd, popularized by Family Guy (FG)

SmellyHippys: hey Peter take this
Peter: What is it?
SmellyHippys: Its a cheese burger ( laughs)
by GOAT FUKER March 06, 2005
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person 1--- "hey, what's for lunch?"
person 2--- "cheeseburgers!!"
person 1--- "huh?"
person 2--- "you just ad cheese to the burger"
person 1--- "o, yea!! duh!!"
by briana [sexi ho] June 28, 2006
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