Known as The Ozzman, or the Blizzard, Ozzy Osbourne as one of the creators of Heavy Metal. In the late 60s him and 3 other guys set out to make a band known as Black Sabbath(also known as the first ever Heavy metal band). Ozzy led them out of England and into much bigger places. In the mid 70s the band kicked out The Ozzman, and he had to go on his own. In 1980 he came out with his first CD, "The Blizzard of Ozz". Ever since then he has hit some high and low spots. At the moment he has a show on MTV. Ozzy Osbourne's songs > most songs.
"Ozzy Osbourne, the Godfather of Heavy Metal."
by Mikey July 9, 2003
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Former member of Black Sabbath, The Blizzard...Lord of Heavy Metal, The Universial God of Hard Rock! Crazy Train conductor (all abooooooord! HAHAHA!)
Ozzy Osbourne is God!
by CaptainSmashDrum June 25, 2004
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The voice of heavy metal. Limited vocal range, but really... who gives a fuck? If Ronnie James Dio (technically a better singer) had sung with Sab from the beginning...
well you can kiss metal goodbye, dick.
I honestly don't give a flying fuck about "The Osbournes". Ozzy has become a scapegoat for druggies. And I give a huge, bony middle finger to all those people who say Ozzy is a washed up druggie.
Also released kickass solo albums (No More Tears is one of the heaviest things I've ever heard.)
He's the ozzman, what can I say...
by dude... February 26, 2005
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King Of rock-and-roll, Loves us all. see Black Sabbath
"Did you see the new ozzy video?"
"Yeah, man, IT ROCKS!!!"
by ZHa_Dazigus December 8, 2003
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Widely (and correctly) considered the Godfather of Heavy Metal. ^^' Friendly, easy goin', hella cool and a great guy to know, nobody plays metal better then Ozzy. ;)

Note that popular belief often attributes Ozzy to being a violent, Church-hating wife-beating alcoholist. Nothing could be further from the truth... Ozzy's a friendly guy who loves and supports his family and fans, and one of the few artists of the heavy metal genre who's modest and easy-goin' enough to not take music too seriously ;) (Example, the "wannabe-Anti Christ" Marilyn Manson XP). Black Sabbath rules!
Ozzy's an awesome guy who kicks the asses of all other artists easy. Forget Metallica, Black Sabbath will forever live on! Yeah! ^_~;
by Alhadis August 22, 2004
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Ozzy Rulz....
Rock'N ROLL!!!
God Bless you all!
Ozzy is a sick guy but he plays metal like a god
by Bobby the Blobber July 23, 2003
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