A badass motherfucker with a chainsaw. Do NOT fuck with him.
Leatherface will chop off your leg and shove it up your ass!
by R. Kemp February 9, 2005
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Leatherface is the main antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre film franchise. Leatherface is loosely inspired by notorious serial murderer Ed Gein who made masks and suits from bodies he exhumed from his local cemetery.

As the title would suggest, Leatherface's preferred weapon of choice is a gas powered chainsaw which he uses to butcher victims. Leatherface also uses a hammer to dispatch victims.

In the original film series, Leatherface's real name is Bubba Sawyer, the mentally handicapped chainsaw wielding member of a cannibal family. Bubba wears different masks due to an inability to express emotion or a personality. It is shown in the first film that Leatherface is actually afraid of his victims and is killing out of a deranged form of self defense.

The remake series re-imagined the character as Thomas Hewitt, a man who was born with a skin disorder that greatly disfigured his face. This version of Leatherface downplays the sympathetic side of the original character and moves him into more traditional slasher villain territory.

- Chop Top Sawyer.

"He aint retarded, he's misunderstood."

- Charlie Hewitt.
by Turkish Prison December 15, 2012
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Usually a rocker chick / Biker chick style woman over 30 who spent too much time in the sun, drinking Budweiser. Very similar to "Van Halen Face". Her skin looks all thick, and leathery, lizard like. Marlboro Reds are always near by, as well. This is a chronic condition, taking years of abuse to achieve.
Hey dude, check out the hot ass in those black jeans over ther-... wait, she has a Leatherface, never mind.
by Woknblues October 16, 2007
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The action of a person that prevents you from getting

off the hook.
Man,I had to totally pay her back.She leatherfaced me!!!
She wasn’t having it.
by 93 yourcultleader93 August 2, 2020
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a big son of a bitch with a chainsaw that probaley will saw your balls off if he has to, he is 92 years old
" Leatherface is comin so ,RUN BITCH,RUNNN!",screamed the man.
by j-rug May 1, 2005
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For any uncircumcised men: pulling your foreskin over your balls. Used in extreme situations to prevent imminent hookups.
Damnit, dude, got home and bitch was rotten, had to pull out the leatherface and chase her out of the house.
by Phatty-Tony July 28, 2007
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someone who tans alot to le ppoint that they look fake and leatherlike skin. usually a bleach blonde white girl
Bob: "Did you see Lisa today?"
Tom: "Yeah she looks like a leatherface."
by Lisa Mario February 19, 2012
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