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A Keem is a highly racist white male that is also slightly homophobic.
by METALHEAD6225 June 14, 2016
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Keem (pronounced-do═×oSH/) is a racist, homophobic, delusional, grandiose condition the was first found in the backwoods hills of Upstate New York in the middle of a decaying, less fortunate neighborhood. The only known case caused complete hair loss on the top of the head and it reappeared as prickly facial hair. After quarantine, the specimen is kept docile by feeding it complements and falsely boosting their ego. There is no cure
"It's Keem, it has Keem and there is no cure and must be quarantined and not allowed leave the hillbilly hills."
by Yaddy May 25, 2018
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1.The feeling of confusion between two people when somthing is misinterpreted

2.When a subject has two different meanings to 2 people.
3. A misunderstanding
4.False impression
Person 1," What? I was supposed to meet you at an underground train station? I thought you said subway."

Person 2," I did, I meant the subway train."

Person 1," I guess we were keem."
by redpandafan January 03, 2010
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To expose someone for something they have done or are doing currently.
Did you see that Jeff totally keemed Tyler? Wow!
by PolarGlass June 02, 2018
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