To suddenly vanish from all existence after releasing multiple critically acclaimed studio albums.
I'm gonna Kendrick Lamar myself after this drops. Nice knowing you!
by thumbsnt July 22, 2021
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Another rapper who raps about real things, not weed and sex.
His rhymes are very deep and flow well.

His album good kid M.A.A.D City is very good.

Collabs often with other West Coast rappers like ScHoolboy Q
Why do all West Coast rappers nowadays only rap about hoes and pot?

A lot of them do, but Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q rap about real things that you can relate to.
by realacy November 15, 2014
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An incredible up-and-coming West Coast rapper from Compton. He is well know for is highly praised album/mixtape Section.80 and for recently being signed to Aftermath Records. He has great lyrics, wordplay, and flow, which is demonstrated in his popular street song "Rigamortus." He is also great at using story-telling and emotion in his songs which is conveyed in his Brenda's Got a Baby-esque song "Keisha's Song (Her Pain)." Fellow West Coast rappers Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Game have named him the new king of the West.
Kendrick Lamar is the future of hip-hop.
by LegionUnderground January 20, 2012
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Kendrick Lamar is a rapper that was born in Compton, California. He started gaining popularity in 2012, and has been gaining popularity ever since. This can be attributed to his great lyrical fluency, insults towards other rappers from some of his lyrics in his songs, and addition of conversation towards the common issues in society of racial profiling, police brutality, and racism as a whole. Through his verses, he has inspired many people around the globe to give attention towards these unfortunate problems.
Kendrick Lamar is a very influential rapper.
by nctrapasso May 9, 2018
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Easily the best rapper in the world.Got famous because of Good Kid, M.a.a.d City and is way better then Drake and 2 chainz
Guy 1: Has you heard Control.
Guy 2:Yeah, King Kendrick Lamar killed it.
Guy 1: He the King of New York
by ghjghgjghyoufdtyuf July 15, 2014
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27 year old Comoton Rapper. His most recent record label is Aftermath. Most recent albun Damn and all the people that hate him can suck a dick
Fagget 1:Hey did you hear the new Kendrick Lamar song?
Fagget 2:Who is he that faggit from Black Hippy?
by CARL JOHNSON June 2, 2017
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Only one fukkin word.........'GOAT'
U wanna know who kendrick lamar is?
He dha GOAT!!!
by Legnd520 March 20, 2022
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