The term ked was forged in the fires of Towerhill on West 17th street in gods domain the 302. Ked is a dude/bro term used in an affectionate manor. The term is primarily used by future and current Fraternity members. Since the wielders of this term are so profoundly fraternal the term it’s self can be constituted as multi been facts(many things done well). Ked can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb. Ked can also be used as a greeting
Frat bro 1: Yo ked I just shotgunned like 5 beers
Frat bro2: No way you’re such a ked for that.

Chad: yo dude Thad just wheeled a ten
Brad: That dude is so baller and ked

Todd: Yo let’s go ked
Kyle: word I love beer n shi
by KedBeer April 7, 2022
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(Name) A very awesome person with weirdass sense of humor. The name Ked was originated from the Thai language meaning "barrier" or "province". Ked is relatively a very new name in the USA, where it was only brought up for only 5 years.
Damn! Ked is wheeling everyone at our school! Including Ms.T!!
by LastDance April 4, 2017
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"buddy" person of any age. Friend. Aquaintance.
whatever ked. Alright Ked? How do you like that ked?
by J L Leela February 9, 2010
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Keds are a rare sub-species of homo sapien. When trying to picture a ked...

1st) think of a normal high schooler.
2nd) take away; reason, rationale, accountablilty, and the ability to think cognitively.
3rd) add; anger management issues, alcohol, lack of respect for authoritive figures, and an overall "eff you" demeanor.

She's such a Ked
What a fuckin Ked
by Stefex November 13, 2007
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Kedding is used to denote thrush banding across the inlaid creases on certain bifurcated chorns. Certain forms of kedding are less useful than others. Can also be used to describe the irregular rim of a scrimming basin.
John: Hello Peter, how are you getting on with those bifurcated chorns you got last Easter?
Peter: Grand. The kedding on them couldn't be finer.
by Cod Michael May 19, 2020
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a woman's sneaker, usually white, that young girls, older ladies, punk rockers and cheerleaders wear. Known to be a very american shoe. very popular in late 80's and into the 90's. they come in many different styles also but white leather is known best. Also keds have been a known fetish for many people. Keds will become popular again.
You should get some keds and be loved.
by linda-love November 10, 2008
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