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Playing a training game against another clan/team in a computer game.
Me: Hey progamer that I can bother about anything because of steam, wanna play a game?
Pro: fu noob Im scrimming
Me: Oh whats that?
pro: stop msgs its annoying
Me: Oh really? how annoying?
by My other pseudonym December 14, 2012
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The act of orally stimulating your partners rectum, while he or she is in the process of deficating. Commonly known as the combination term for skat and rimming.
1. "Spread, your gonna get scrimmed"
2. "I'd rather get caught scrimming my mother than....."
3. "Dude I totally got scrimmed last night", "did you kiss her afterwards?"
by flangelord March 27, 2009
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The act of appearing to be working when in fact all your doing is sweet f**k all.
Troy spent most of the day wandering round the office looking busy when all he was doing was scrimming.
by billios0015 February 10, 2009
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