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The term ked was forged in the fires of Towerhill on West 17th street in gods domain the 302. Ked is a dude/bro term used in an affectionate manor. The term is primarily used by future and current Fraternity members. Since the wielders of this term are so profoundly fraternal the term it’s self can be constituted as multi been facts(many things done well). Ked can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb. Ked can also be used as a greeting
Frat bro 1: Yo ked I just shotgunned like 5 beers
Frat bro2: No way you’re such a ked for that.

Chad: yo dude Thad just wheeled a ten
Brad: That dude is so baller and ked

Todd: Yo let’s go ked
Kyle: word I love beer n shi
by KedBeer April 7, 2022
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