A group of pretentious college boys who pay a ton of money to relive their high school glory days by date-raping girls, childishly excluding others who are different, and bullying their new members in the name of "brotherhood."
Girl: Why would you want to join a fraternity? They're all assholes.
Guy: I dunno, it might be fun.
Girl: Yeah, if you like being hazed and paying for fake friends.
Guy: ...On second thought, I think I'm good.
by SeZSEU August 6, 2016
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A frat is where all of the douche bags in highschool go to after graduation. Their now washed up football careers gone in the wind, they must find somewhere else to fit in for the next four years in order to not face their lack of passion and skill for anything but throwing balls and tackling people. So come join a frat! A multi thousand dollar buddies club where you can feel like you fit in somewhere, when in fact you're just a crowd following alcoholic sheep conformist with no real identity outside of your paid for "brothers" whos main hobbies include: getting drunk every day, failing classes, having sex with intoxicated women, developing alcoholism and getting stds, and judging other people for not conforming with your group of pretty boy preppy dickheads who think they're part of something bigger which is going to be gone before they know it.
Fraternity boy: Stupid gdi's everywhere, they make me want to just get drunk and fuck bitches to show them how cool we are!

"GDI": That's cool. While you're wearing your stupid polo shirts and salmon booty shorts with boat shoes, getting massively drunk every day and thinking it's a talent or something and not a drug addiction, neglecting the entire reason you go to college in the first place: to STUDY, and judging everyone who doesn't have to pay for their social circle with their parent's money, we'll be expressing ourselves freely, having a great time, and finding ourselves instead of trying to fit in with everyone else like always.
by Crumbusto August 21, 2014
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A "secret" society of homosexual white boys established so they can have butt sex in private.
Charles: "Hey Jim, I'm worried that people might find out about our relationship."

Jim: "Don't worry, we can join a fraternity to keep it a secret."
by Kevinitto March 25, 2010
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An organization that brings students together for the simple fact of having one thing in common; they all suck at life. This organization gives them the chance to buy and carry out false freindships through the organization and its ties with others like it.
Through fraternities the opposite sex can be invited to parties where they are handcuffed to the fraternity brothers for the night, because they lack enough substance as human beings to carry on an intelligent conversation and social function otherwise.
by davey10 March 12, 2007
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A homoerotic group of males that stand around a keg, talking about how drunk they were the night before. In between cat calls and passing out they like to fight and jerk each other off.
A: "Hey man, you going to that fraternity party tonight."

B: "Are you kidding? I'd rather watch Sex in the City, naked with a snapple bottle jammed up my ass."

A: "Yeah, fuck those fraternity fags."
by Cobra Commander June 6, 2005
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A group of fucking douchebags that think they are better than anyone that is not a part of their fraternity and are the kings of hazing kids to death and treat girls like shit because they have absolutely no respect for humankind. Boys have to pay to go to their parties or they even get told to fuck off by the cool ass frat brothers, girls get in for free. They changed for the worst, they potentially were good people in high school.
Christian: hey man how’s the frat you rat?
Cool frat boy: don’t call a fraternity a frat. Do you call yourself Chris?
Christian: actually I’m cool with that, it can be short big man, who says I can’t call a fraternity a frat? Looks like you hate the world because most people just say “frat”, but god forbid you and your brothers will get butthurt by it being called “frat”. Wow you use to be one of my good friends since pre-k and now your in a frat. Wow what a change dude. Enjoy your frat you douchefuck.
by BeErBrO5 March 18, 2019
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A sort of club for bored college students for the most part. You live in a house with other members of your fraternity and go to their parties which consist of underage drinking and other rebellious behavior. Pretty much anyone can join these. There are a few which are more specialized/focused on special interest however. You usually need a certain GPA, college major, religious/political belief, etc, to even be considered for these, and these are the ones that make the connections and produce very powerful people. Some of these fraternities are often associated with conspiracy theories due to their secrecy and character of their members.
Most recent figures show that about five percent of college students in the United States are part of a fraternity/sorority.
by Wisdom! November 22, 2007
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