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A frat is where all of the douche bags in highschool go to after graduation. Their now washed up football careers gone in the wind, they must find somewhere else to fit in for the next four years in order to not face their lack of passion and skill for anything but throwing balls and tackling people. So come join a frat! A multi thousand dollar buddies club where you can feel like you fit in somewhere, when in fact you're just a crowd following alcoholic sheep conformist with no real identity outside of your paid for "brothers" whos main hobbies include: getting drunk every day, failing classes, having sex with intoxicated women, developing alcoholism and getting stds, and judging other people for not conforming with your group of pretty boy preppy dickheads who think they're part of something bigger which is going to be gone before they know it.
Fraternity boy: Stupid gdi's everywhere, they make me want to just get drunk and fuck bitches to show them how cool we are!

"GDI": That's cool. While you're wearing your stupid polo shirts and salmon booty shorts with boat shoes, getting massively drunk every day and thinking it's a talent or something and not a drug addiction, neglecting the entire reason you go to college in the first place: to STUDY, and judging everyone who doesn't have to pay for their social circle with their parent's money, we'll be expressing ourselves freely, having a great time, and finding ourselves instead of trying to fit in with everyone else like always.
by Crumbusto August 20, 2014
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A group of pretentious college boys who pay a ton of money to relive their high school glory days by date-raping girls, childishly excluding others who are different, and bullying their new members in the name of "brotherhood."
Girl: Why would you want to join a fraternity? They're all assholes.
Guy: I dunno, it might be fun.
Girl: Yeah, if you like being hazed and paying for fake friends.
Guy: ...On second thought, I think I'm good.
by SeZSEU August 06, 2016
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Commonly mistaken as a "frat" a fraternity is a group of men who share a bond of brotherhood. Most people can not understand. It could be compared to that of family. So yeah while those stupid ass "frat" boys give the rest of us a bad name there are some of us out there who do care about our personal worth and character.
Don't call a fraternity a frat, would you call your country a cunt?
by 479 April 28, 2003
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A male organization known for their childish exclusion of others, excessive alcohol consumption, false sense of accomplishment and, of course, small genitals. Members of such an organization tend to travel in packs and develop a feeling of inadequacy and malaise if a brother is not aronud to have his back (or give him oral sex). Futhermore, brothers are often stricken with low grades, wide assholes and several sexual diseases.
Is that guy in a fraternity?
-Yeah, the popped collar, croakies and hangover are a dead giveaway.
by Taffaplatzel December 07, 2005
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A "secret" society of homosexual white boys established so they can have butt sex in private.
Charles: "Hey Jim, I'm worried that people might find out about our relationship."

Jim: "Don't worry, we can join a fraternity to keep it a secret."
by Kevinitto March 25, 2010
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A clandestine group of well-heeled males. While they like to call themselves "leaders", in truth, they are nothing more than manipulators and are more then fairly adept at ruining peoples lives. Don't cross them or they will destroy you. Short on imagination themselves, they hire others to do their thinking for them and are great at taking credit for other peoples work. Unless, of course, the job doesn't go as planned. Then said frat brother cuts his losses and walks. Tremendous deniability. Only friendly to those heads who can advance the brother. A**H***s, every one of them. Occasionally they apologize for being class-one A**H***s, but the moment passes and they go right back to doing what comes naturally. They despise all women, without exception.
Dick Cheney and his merry band of urban fraternity gangstas went to Iraq and tore the country to shreds.
by trueblue6 November 28, 2011
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a large quantity of males in the same house attempting to gather females (usually sorority girls) to parties that involve an obscene amount of alcohol.
Bro1: lets get a bunch of Phi Mu bitches to our party at the fraternity house.
Bro2: totally. ill get the beer and gamecube.
Bro3: i think i have a black dildo in my room too!
by Bro4 August 19, 2007
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