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ValleySpeak How suburban, rich, snobby, SAHM’s say the word kids.
by Capt8Ball January 30, 2020
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Ked La Ked is the terminology used for someone who is the king of having KED moments

An example of Ked La Ked is Jeffs Journey, Nightmare Balloon Boy and Sam Haldane
OH my god look! its Ked La Ked! KEDDD
by Ked La Ked January 27, 2022
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Only teenage dirtbags who listens Iron Maiden where this combo
Oh, how she rocks
In Keds and tube socks
by R0bert4368 January 5, 2022
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3 Keds, By the names of DaBoban, Costco Pizza, and GFUELDRINKER69 have created a town named Keds Of Kedderingtown.
Kyle: Yo boys we should send it to the KOK house party tn eh?

Steve: KOK?

Kyles: Keds Of Kedderingtown, never heard of it?

Steve: Ohhh yeah i have… yea i’m down

Salim: same here bro haven’t been there yet, heard it’s a banger!

Steve: Don’t they have pizza there?

Kyle: Not just any pizza, COSTCO Pizza!!!

Salim: Bet i’m starving

Steve & Kyle: shut up you fucking Nigger!

Kyle: Any Spics wanna pull up with us? we got Modelos for u spics!

The spics: Word amigo

Kyle, Steve, and Salim: we aren’t leaving let, Nigga we’re eating lol.

Kyle: just make sure to bring a couple ronas eh?

Steve: Fa Sho
by BigCOCKDADDY! June 1, 2021
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