She is a beautiful girl with a big heart! Kayley has a die for personality and loves everyone she meets. She will never forget you and it’s hard to forget her. She is very smart and has a great and loving family. She is popular and outgoing when she’s with her best friends. Kayley has the biggest loving and caring heart in the world. She is very athletic and loves sports, usually basketball. She pretty much laughs at everything and is always happy. She has the most warming smile and her smile always makes everyone’s day! I could write a whole book series About her and never run out of things to say. Any guy that could have a chance to date her would become the happiest guy ever. She always gives people second chances and could never stay mad at someone. I could go on and on about her.

Your best friend,

Jake: Man that must be a Kayley cause she’s so nice and funny and good at sports.
by Kayley B. November 25, 2018
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a Sexy girl who knows what she's doing in life. They are great friends and will be there for there friends no matter what it is.
Kayley's are rare creatures and tend to fall easy. When handling Kayley be sure to catch her if she falls. Kayley is not a whore. She is good with her tongue and an intense kisser. Be kind to her because She was created a fighter but loves to be a lover. She is one amazing creature.
i meet a kayley and she was someone with a fire in her eyes and and a softness in her heart. you could tell she was a lover and a fighter
by miss thang101 February 7, 2010
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Everyone's Dream Girl. She's pretty on the inside and out. She has everything u want and you better watch out cause other guys will try to hit it from behind
Trevor: yep... I'd tap Kayley too
by Axipoopoo January 10, 2017
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A pretty blond headed girl who is shy at first, but when you get to know her she will turn your world around.
She gets mad easily but will cool off quick ,she will not walk away from a fight especially if it has something to do with her or a loved one, she is smart as frick and has an amazing personally and style,Guys do go after her but she most always turns them down but if she picks you ,you are lucky AF
Guy1: hey did you see Kayley yesterday
Guy2: yeah she is quit quiet
Guy1: not when you get to know her
by Shy_bad_girl July 20, 2019
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A Kayley is a beautiful woman who is independent and sometimes brave. A natural blonde but loves dying her hair. Though she can be annoying at most times, she is loyal and will never leave your side. She’s very sensitive so try not to hurt her feelings by being that much of a bitch. If you hurt her, she will most likely forgive you because she probably misses you. Most of the time she is petty but has a limit. Lots of Kayleys have beautiful eyes, big tits, and a nice ass. Don’t let this make you think she’s a whore or a slut though, because she can be one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Can be pushy at times but that’s only when she really wants you by her side while she does whatever she’s pushing you about. Lots of people are jealous of Kayleys and her enemy’s envy her. Loads of men (and women, depends on sexuality, I’m not judging) are lined up to go out with her or even have a chance. Always treat Kayleys with respect and honesty, and you will get it back from her.
Tanner: Man, she has a nice ass. I’d hit that any day.

Jake: Calm down and give her respect, that’s Kayley.
by PansexualPieceOfShit May 22, 2019
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The hottest chick alive. She has huge boobs and a perfect ass to go with it! Don't let her looks let you think she's a whore or a bitch though... She's one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet!
Guy1: is that Kayley? She seems like a bitch
Guy2: oh, no! She's so sweet don't let her hotness fool you bro
by Dumbyking11 May 9, 2013
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Sweet and Sexy. Everything nice with a lot of kinky spice. She can be innocent, but also likes to naughty. Watch your man, when she's around.
I was walking down the street when I saw Kayley, I thought damn she's sexy.
by Big Mag May 2, 2009
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