some one who is almost alway there when you drink, and if you are drinking and they are there they have to drink. it is the drinking buddy rule. usually someone that you trust and you don't mind making a full of your self in front of. a friend you can count on to get just as drunk as you and make amazing memories with.(DB is short for drinking buddy)
ricky is my DB and he is the best drinking buddy because he drinks even when he dosent want to.Just because i am.
by taydernuts May 7, 2009
A euphemism for a person with whom you have an intimate relationship, but cannot, due to fuckumstances call a best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend.
A: Those two are always together, is that his wife?

B: Nah, they're married to other people; that's his drinking buddy.
by Noshedint March 16, 2018
Is modern slang for a person who is there with you through thick and thin. And someone who is willing to take on any task or activity with you. Often times is a spontaneous person down for anything .

(NOT to be confused the literal meaning being someone you endulge alchoholic beverages with.)
Hey thanks for being my drinking buddy yesterday! Skydiving is something that I wouldn’t imagine doing without you by my side!”
by amomwhothoughtitwastheliteral February 9, 2018
august 9th is the day where you find a drinking buddy and have a sesh.
i cant wait for august 9th, it’s national drinking buddies day!
by sesher2021 August 3, 2021