This phrase originates from South Hunsley School in East Yorkshire. It is said in a sarcastic tone when something is actually bad. before this phrase usually comes a" woowww" or "yeeeaahh" (said in the Moffitt and Scott voice) and after the term "game".
(someone falls over) "'re quite good at the standing up game".
(go to a shitty restaurant) "yeeeaahh...the food last night was quite good".
(someone has a small dick) "yeeeaahh...your dick's length is quite good".
by BlackMask1804 February 19, 2016
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This term, "Hello, you're quite good at turning me on" originated back 200 years ago in the time of the olympians. This term can be used as a 'pickup- line' attempt, and usually results with a slap in the face. On rare occasions it may be worse, for example: you may be kicked in the genitals, but do not fear, the pain will go away quickly, due to the fact that you will be unconscious.
"hello, name, you're quite good at turning me on"


by Paolo Vella September 23, 2004
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