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She is a natural beauty! Makeup or none she is pure beauty.She may seem shy at first but let her open up and she'll be a blast. She doesn't like the typical fairytale guys, she likes them REAL. Doesn't like stuck up guys or crybabies. Many guys will want to get at her, but she knows it wont work out. She'll tell the guys the honest true if she actually has feelings towards him or not. They have their own unique style mixed with some other kinds. She has a beautiful smile that can light up a room. She'll hold back on things back, but be aware she will blow up someday. So always remember to have a Karina in your life they are the BEST!
girl: Omg Karina is so quiet
boy: Not really i was talking to Karina on Facebook
girl: What did she say?
boy: Forgot (i think i'm in love)
girl: Okay?
by JenPal May 26, 2011
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Karina is going to be the most beautiful girl you'll ever meet. She has gorgeous eyes and beautiful hair any girl would want it. She has a great sense of style with the best brands. She does not seem to think so. She could cover her face and be very shy around people she doesn't know. But when she's with her friends it's a day and night difference. She is the life of the party and has many friends around her. Karina might seem like she's just an ordinary girl, but really she's been through a lot. She doesn't ever show when she's feeling down and always hs a smile on her face. That makes up for the lack of self confidence and brings out her outgoing personality. Karinas don't come very often in your life, but when they do make sure to keep them around forever because they will be the greatest propel you'll ever meet.
Guy: damn did you see Karina today?

Guys friend: yeah man, she looked so hot.

Guy: I wish she would just talk to me and not get all embarrassed.

Gus friend: don't worry about it, she'll come to you eventually. Give her time.
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A girl that is more beautiful than the stars in the sky and the never-ending ocean in the horizon; she is a spark of enlightenment in my eyes. Around her my heart starts beating fast, almost as loud as thunder. If even only for a day, she is the best Girlfriend that a man could have.
by Alex Christopher P November 25, 2012
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karina is the most beautiful girl to walk the face of the earth. she is very sweet, hilarious, great cook, and knows how to treat her man. karina is so adorable and has a smile that will make the sun shine. karina can have some very sarcastic, weird jokes noone else gets but her. all in all she is the best hands down.
karina is so gorgeous!
by iashayn February 11, 2013
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The person who everyone is jealous of. No one can replace her because she is nice and one of a kind. She will speak her mind and it might get her in trouble but she thinks on her feet and gets her way out of it
Karina get a boyfriend every darn day
by Kittyperfect 23 October 04, 2015
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Her height turns heads and when someone is tall enough to see her face, they need to blink a few times to make sure she isn't a dream. She's beautiful and total model material. She's funny, smart, pretty, and guys are secretly crazy about her. She will go far in life and she's unstoppable when she knows what she wants. Don't get in this girls way. She may seem innocent and shy at first but the sexy monster underneath is life changing.
-Woah who was that tall chick?
-Her name is Karina. Hot right?
-Yeah I wanna get to know her
by The Secretive One November 03, 2013
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